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From Google Translate: "Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft built based on open data website USA Facts. There he displays data on government revenue and expenditure and where they come from and go. 'People know the facts, but not everyone likes numbers. They bring to life with infographies can help.' 


The project began with the question of his wife, Connie, when he did some more philanthropic work . To know, however, what Ballmer's charity fund would have the most effect, Ballmer needed figures. He soon realized that it is a titanic work to show in government figures. So he drummed a team of economists, researchers and data scientists.

The total project cost $ 10 million to data for 30 years from 70 local, state and federal agencies to put together a clear platform. It is based on data sets that public authorities make publicly available and try to show them as neutrally as possible. The site now has about 3,000 visitors a day ."



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