Osteoporosis related to WNT1 variants: a not infrequent cause of osteoporosis

pubmed: wnt1 2023-01-28


CONCLUSIONS: Nearly 1/10 adult subjects with severe idiopathic osteoporosis may present pathogenic WNT1 mutations. Clinical characteristics commonly include a family history of osteoporosis, onset in early adulthood, marked decrease in bone mass, and prevalent fractures, particularly vertebral. WNT1 should be genetically screened in these subjects as the phenotype is often variable and the therapeutic approach may differ. The role of WNT1 mutations in the development of pseudoarthrosis should...



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Pilar Peris, Ana Monegal, Riikka E Mäkitie, Nuria Guañabens, Eva González-Roca

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01/28/2023, 20:49

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11/17/2022, 06:00