Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Complex Regulatory Pathway of Background Color in Juvenile <em>Plectropomus leopardus</em> Skin Color Variation

pubmed: wnt1 2023-01-28


Fish skin color is often strongly affected by background color. We hypothesized that the regulatory mechanism of variations in skin color in P. leopardus is linked to the background color. In this study, we conducted transcriptome analysis of Plectropomus leopardus cultured under different background colors to compare gene expression levels and the important signaling pathways. The RNA-seq analysis yielded 26,675 known mRNAs, 3278 novel mRNAs, and 3179 differentially expressed genes (DEGs). The...


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Feibiao Song, Lei Wang, Zihang Yang, Liping Shi, Da Zheng, Kaixi Zhang, Junlong Sun, Jian Luo

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01/28/2023, 21:15

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10/14/2022, 06:00