LATS1/2 control TGFB-directed epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in the murine dorsal cranial neuroepithelium through YAP regulation

pubmed: wnt1 2023-01-29


Hippo signaling, an evolutionarily conserved kinase cascade involved in organ size control, plays key roles in various tissue developmental processes, but its role in craniofacial development remains poorly understood. Using the transgenic Wnt1-Cre2 driver, we inactivated the Hippo signaling components Lats1 and Lats2 in the cranial neuroepithelium of mouse embryos and found that the double conditional knockout (DCKO) of Lats1/2 resulted in neural tube and craniofacial defects. Lats1/2 DCKO...


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Idaliz M Martínez Traverso, Jeffrey D Steimle, Xiaolei Zhao, Jun Wang, James F Martin

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01/29/2023, 00:39

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09/20/2022, 06:00