Foxl2a and Foxl2b are involved in midbrain-hindbrain boundary development in zebrafish

pubmed: wnt1 2023-01-29


Foxl2 plays conserved central function in ovarian differentiation and maintenance in several fish species. However, its expression pattern and function in fish embryogenesis are still largely unknown. In this study, we first presented a sequential expression pattern of zebrafish foxl2a and foxl2b during embryo development. They were predominantly expressed in the cranial paraxial mesoderm (CPM) and cranial venous vasculature (CVV) during somitogenesis and subsequently expressed in the pharyngeal...


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Jian Zhou, Yan-Jing Yang, Rui-Hai Gan, Yang Wang, Zhi Li, Xiao-Juan Zhang, Jian-Fang Gui, Li Zhou

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01/29/2023, 17:38

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11/07/2022, 06:00