Transcriptomic changes underlying EGFR inhibitor resistance in human and mouse models of basal-like breast cancer

pubmed: wnt1 2023-03-17


The goals of this study were to identify transcriptomic changes that arise in basal-like breast cancer cells during the development of resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors (EGFRi) and to identify drugs that are cytotoxic once EGFRi resistance occurs. Human patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) were grown in immunodeficient mice and treated with a set of EGFRi; the EGFRi erlotinib was selected for more expansive in vivo studies. Single-cell RNA sequencing was performed on mammary...


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Narmeen S Rashid, David C Boyd, Amy L Olex, Jacqueline M Grible, Alex K Duong, Mohammad A Alzubi, Julia E Altman, Tess J Leftwich, Aaron D Valentine, Nicole S Hairr, Emily K Zboril, Timothy M Smith, Adam D Pfefferle, Mikhail G Dozmorov, J Chuck Harrell

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03/17/2023, 11:16

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12/09/2022, 06:00