A genome-wide cell-free DNA methylation analysis identifies an episignature associated with metastatic luminal B breast cancer

pubmed: wnt1 2023-03-19


Breast cancers of the luminal B subtype are frequent tumors with high proliferation and poor prognosis. Epigenetic alterations have been found in breast tumors and in biological fluids. We aimed to profile the cell-free DNA (cfDNA) methylome of metastatic luminal B breast cancer (LBBC) patients using an epigenomic approach to discover potential noninvasive biomarkers. Plasma cfDNA was analyzed using the Infinium MethylationEpic array in a cohort of 14 women, including metastatic LBBC patients...



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Aitor Rodriguez-Casanova, Nicolas Costa-Fraga, Clara Castro-Carballeira, Miriam González-Conde, Carmen Abuin, Aida Bao-Caamano, Tomás García-Caballero, Elena Brozos-Vazquez, Carmela Rodriguez-López, Victor Cebey, Patricia Palacios, Juan F Cueva, Rafael López-López, Clotilde Costa, Angel Díaz-Lagares

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03/19/2023, 15:29

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11/17/2022, 06:00