An <em>in-silico</em> approach to understand the potential role of Wnt inhibitory factor-1 (WIF-1) in the inhibition of the Wnt signalling pathway

pubmed: wnt1 2023-05-31


WIF1 (Wnt inhibitory factor 1) is a potent tumour suppressor gene which is epigenetically silenced in numerous malignancies. The associations of WIF1 protein with the Wnt pathway molecules have not been fully explored, despite their involvement in the downregulation of several malignancies. In the present study, a computational approach encompassing the expression, gene ontology analysis and pathway analysis is employed to obtain an insight into the role of the WIF1 protein. Moreover, the...


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Plaboni Sen, Suchandra Roy Acharyya, Arisha Arora, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh

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05/31/2023, 21:43

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03/30/2023, 06:00