The protective effect of lncRNA NEAT1/miR-122-5p/Wnt1 axis on hippocampal damage in hepatic ischemic reperfusion young mice

pubmed: wnt1 2023-06-01


Hepatic ischemic reperfusion (HIR) is a common pathophysiological process in many surgical procedures such as liver transplantation (LT) and hepatectomy. And it is also an important factor leading to perioperative distant organ damage. Children undergoing major liver surgery are more susceptible to various pathophysiological processes, including HIR, since their brains are still developing and the physiological functions are still incomplete, which can lead to brain damage and postoperative...


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Zhonglan Dong, Lili Jia, Wenhui Han, Yidan Wang, Mingwei Sheng, Yinghui Ren, Yiqi Weng, Hongxia Li, Wenli Yu

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06/01/2023, 07:42

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04/02/2023, 06:00