Sirt6 enhances macrophage lipophagy and improves lipid metabolism disorder by regulating the Wnt1/β-catenin pathway in atherosclerosis

pubmed: wnt1 2023-11-29


Lipid metabolism disorders are considerably involved in the pathology of atherosclerosis; nevertheless, the fundamental mechanism is still largely unclear. This research sought to examine the function of lipophagy in lipid metabolism disorder-induced atherosclerosis and its fundamental mechanisms. Previously, Sirt6 has been reported to stimulate plaque stability by promoting macrophage autophagy. However, its role in macrophage lipophagy and its relationship with Wnt1 remains to be established....


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Tingting Wang, Zheng Cheng, Ran Zhao, Jin Cheng, He Ren, Pengke Zhang, Pengyun Liu, Qimeng Hao, Qian Zhang, Xiaolei Yu, Dongdong Sun, Dongwei Zhang

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11/29/2023, 13:06

Date published:

09/22/2023, 06:00