WNT ligands in non-small cell lung cancer: from pathogenesis to clinical practice

pubmed: wnt1 2023-12-03


Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the malignant tumor with the highest morbidity and leading cause of death worldwide, whereas its pathogenesis has not been fully elucidated. Although mutations in some crucial genes in WNT pathways such as β-catenin and APC are not common in NSCLC, the abnormal signal transduction of WNT pathways is still closely related to the occurrence and progression of NSCLC. WNT ligands (WNTs) are a class of secreted glycoproteins that activate WNT pathways through...



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Wanting Xue, Lihong Cai, Su Li, Yujia Hou, Yan-Dong Wang, Dongbin Yang, Yubing Xia, Xiaobo Nie

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12/03/2023, 19:16

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07/24/2023, 06:00