SNTB1 regulates colorectal cancer cell proliferation and metastasis through YAP1 and the WNT/β-catenin pathway

pubmed: wnt1 2023-12-04


Colorectal cancer is a common type of digestive tract cancer with a significant morbidity and death rate across the world, partially attributing to the metastasis-associated problems. In this study, integrative bioinformatics analyses were performed to identify genes that might contribute to colorectal cancer metastasis, and 293 genes were dramatically increased and 369 genes were decreased within colon cancer samples. Among up-regulated genes, top five genes correlated with colorectal cancer...


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Hao Zhang, Zheng Li, Juan Jiang, Yang Lei, Jingmao Xie, Yihui Liu, Bo Yi

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12/04/2023, 14:37

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08/18/2023, 06:00