Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Tarim and Junggar Bactrian Camels Based on Simplified GBS Genome Sequencing

pubmed: wnt1 2023-12-07


In view of the severe reduction in Bactrian camel germplasm resources, scientific evaluation, protection, and utilization is particularly important. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the genetic diversity and genetic structure of this species, and identify the genes that have played important roles in its evolution. In this study, 21,971 SNPs were identified in 118 domestic Bactrian camels from the Tarim (n = 60) and Junggar (n = 58) populations using simplified GBS genome sequencing....


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Weikun Tao, Lazat Aniwar, Azat ZuliPicar, Hanikzi Tulafu, Rongyin Zhang, Bo Liu, Weiwei Wu, Juncheng Huang

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12/07/2023, 16:40

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07/29/2023, 06:00