Inhibitor of Wnt receptor 1 suppresses the effects of Wnt1, Wnt3a and beta-catenin on the proliferation and migration of C6 GSCs induced by low-dose radiation

pubmed: wnt1 2024-02-24


The radioresistance of glioma is an important cause of treatment failure and tumor aggressiveness. In the present study, under performed with linear accelerator, the effects of 0.3 and 3.0 Gy low‑dose radiation (LDR) on the proliferation and migration of C6 glioma stem cells in vitro were examined by flow cytometric analysis, immunocytochemistry and western blot analysis. It was found that low‑dose ionizing radiation (0.3 Gy) stimulated the proliferation and migration of these cells, while 3.0...


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Yu Yan, Ying-Ying Cheng, Yan-Ru Li, Xu-Wen Jiao, Yin-Ming Liu, Hai-Yan Cai, Yin-Xiu Ding

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02/24/2024, 03:48

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12/15/2023, 06:00