What's a book that you LOVED but you totally understand why someone wouldn't like it?

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We all have those books that we recommend to every soul who will listen, but what are some books that were 10/10 for you but might not be everyone's cup of tea and/or have major flaws that you're willing to overlook because of what that book meant for you?

Some for me:

  • Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. Not much really "happens" in this book other than painting the story of their characters and hearing about their development and relationships. I could totally see someone just not finding the characters likable enough to want to invest in their story.
  • The Harry Potter series. I feel like if you didn't grow up with at least some HP related memories it's really hard to get into them as an adult. I've had people complain about the writing style of that it "just felt like a children's book" which is fair if you're expecting some profound life-changing epic. That's not what it's supposed to be, but I understand how people's perception of the books are very warped by the impact they had culturally and are disappointed when they start with Sorceror's Stone which is SUCH a whimsical book.
  • Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Gone Girl is her biggest hit for a reason because it teeters on the edge of a standard, dark mystery, but also dips its toes in the "woahhh that is so fucked up" realm. Dark Places and Sharp Objects definitely go a bit overboard in how almost creepy they are, but I enjoyed the plot of them and thought they were well done. But I also understand that someone might just be so turned off by some of the subject matter they'd be unable to get past that.
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