i quit my job and my boss scheduled me anyway, loses it when i 'no show'

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i worked in a kitchen washing dishes, i got offered a better job in the industry i wanted to work in so i gave my boss a written 2 weeks notice. he wasn't happy about it and asked if there was any compromise we could come to (part time instead of full time) i said i was open to talking about a compromise but i was pretty set on leaving. this conversation was pretty casual (talking on the move) and no conclusion was reached.

fast forward two weeks to the day i clearly defined in writing as my last day. my boss has me scheduled for my usual 5 days the next week. i pack up my things and let my manager (boss isnt at work friday) know i wont be there for those days next week seeing as ive quit.

i get an angry phone call monday morning 'where are you?'. i reminded him i had quit and then had to sit sat through an angry rant about how employees arent reliable and how im blacklisted and will never wash dishes for their franchise again. he kept saying no showing to a shift is seriously unprofessional. tbh i didnt argue with him i just let him cook and then went back to work at my new job. im not sad ill never wash dishes for them again


the next week's schedule typically came out the thursday or friday before so i only noticed i was scheduled for the next week on my last day there. boss wasnt there for me to talk to so i let my manager know about the mistake. the whole kitchen including my manager had known i had quit since the day i gave notice two weeks earlier, and they very pleasantly said farewell to me on my last friday

i wasnt required by law or by etiquette to sit through his rant, but i just HAD to sit through it. for science

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