AITAH for refusing to share my niece's inheritance with her half-brother,who wasn't written in the will

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Two weeks ago, my mother and brother tragically lost their lives in a car accident. Now it's time to deal with my mother's inheritance, which consists of rental properties and £500,000 in savings. Before my brother passed away, we had an agreement: I would get the rental properties, and he would receive the £500,000. But with his absence, I have no choice but to pass on his inheritance to daughter. The agreement stated that only his daughter, from his late wife, would receive it, while his son from a toxic relationship was excluded.

Katie, my brother ex girlfriend, disagrees with this arrangement. She wants at least £250,000 of the savings and allow her and her son to live in my childhood home, which is part of the rental properties I inherited. She believes it's her son right to be in a place where his father once lived and she wants to escape their dangerous neighbourhood. However, I obviously refused. Allowing her to live in that apartment would be disrespect my brother memory and betray him, even in death.

It's worth saying that my brother did leave Katie a card as a joke, but it contained offensive language and racial slurs. I accidentally laughed while reading bit and now I'm being called a racist l. But I'm simply too broken too care. Katie mistreatment of my brother and the consequences she's now facing is her own doing.

But she has threatened to sue me. Claiming I'm withholding her money for racist reasons. Which is not true as I don't even care about the money. I'm already financially well which is why I allowed my brother the £500,000. She's just delusional

In the end, I just want to honour my brother wish. So AITAH OR NOT

MY BROTHER PASSED away before my mother so the second he wasn't breathing meant I inherited everything.

My niece's money was never my brothers. I will just gave it to her. Because that what was my brother wish I don't have to give it to my niece but I will

IF KATIE CARED FOR HER SON THEN SHE WOULDN'T BE SMOKING whatever or doing whatever or bringing whoever in her home. My niece is like a daughter to me so I will treat her as such

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