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"Open Data Media: Towards a network of African datactivists

The second phase of the 2nd session of the Open Data Media program opened Monday, November 20, 2018 in Abidjan, in the Ivorian capital. Datactivists, journalists, civil society and digital actors are working on the emergence of a network of African datactivists; with the support of French Agency for Media Cooperation (CFI).

The program follows the first session of the Open Data Media held in 2016. This second session aims to give participants new tools to make them autonomous in conducting national and international collaborative projects. During the 10-day training session, participants will learn how to build databases, how to clean them, and how to evaluate the quality of open data. Open data has spans that, when mastered, serve to make sense and encourage participatory governance, among others. At the time of digital transformation in Africa, several data remain unavailable in various fields. Some exist but poorly structured and therefore unusable. By helping the emergence of a network of African datactivists, CFI-media cooperation encourages the opening of non-open data."


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