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Kirstine's bookmarks 2018-10-12


Minister Frédérique Vidal's speech in July 2018 reaffirms France's commitment to an active approach towards open science. This policy involves the release of publications, which are the keystone of research and contribute to improving its quality.

In line with the Horizon 2020 program and in the light of this discourse, the University of Lyon continues its commitment to the now more global concept of open science, structured around publications and research data, with the aim broadcast to as wide a public as possible.

This approach involves the close collaboration of information professionals and researchers: researchers are the driving force in this effort to liberate publications as producers of information and librarians contribute to raising awareness about the issues of open science by the implementation of training actions.

This day is an opportunity to show what articulation can be established between these two partners for a structured and sustainable action for open science both nationally and internationally.

The testimonials of professionals who have successfully completed open science development projects in their institution will illustrate this collaboration during this half-day conference, which will be complemented by fun workshops organized in the COMUE institutions.

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