Rédaction Médicale et Scientifique: 60 Académies européennes en faveur du libre accès en attirant l'attention sur les dangers : enfin des positions raisonnables et non militantes (60 European Academies in favor of free access by drawing attention to the dangers: finally reasonable and non-militant positions)

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"ALLEA ( the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, Was founded in 1994 and Currently Brings together 

WENT TOAlmost 60 Academies in more than 40 countries from the Region Council of Europe ) published in December 2018 a response to the S plane . This is an 8-page statement, well done insisting on reasonable open access and accompanied ... which is not the case of the S plan. Researchers considered that the Plan S was a violation of academic freedom . Here are the recommendations at the end of this document:

  • The S-Coalition should engage in a constructive dialogue with representative bodies from academia and research at both European and global level.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the concerns of early stage researchers who will be most affected.
  • The implementation of Plan S should be in the broader context of the transition to open science and open access FAIR. Approval of FAIR data and open access at the national level should be encouraged.
  • Research programs should be launched to develop new methods and tools for the development of easily understandable numerical indicators to better evaluate individual research results. This would largely eliminate the current tendency to use the reputation of the magazine or publisher as a substitute for quality and to adopt the much simpler DORA principles. It would also greatly improve the reliability of scientific and academic communication.
  • A detailed economic analysis of academic publishing should be undertaken to quantify the true costs and ensure the most efficient use of financial and human resources."



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