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[Google Translate] The impact factors of scientific journals are fake news

American cell biologist Randy Schekman (Minnesota, 1948) won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine. He took the opportunity to strongly criticize the scientific bureaucracy and bias in the most popular publications, driven by commercial interests. 

Schekman continues in this struggle while advancing his studies in which he seeks to explore new areas "at my own pace, following my own intuition".

[...] "Do you think the open access movement is the future?"

"Yes, more and more people will be publishing in open access. I think it is important to spread the science made with public investment, but it is not the only problem that exists. Again, trade magazines and publishers like Elsevier and Springer are very powerful because they have very strong brands. They are not going to give up the fight for income, they are obviously for profit, which is perfectly legal. I'm not against that, but only if what they do is a better product. I don't think it is."



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