Bilancio dell'UE 2021-27: la Commissione propone “Orizzonte Europa”, il nuovo programma di ricerca e innovazione -

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[Google transl.] EU budget 2021-27: Commission proposes "Horizon Europe", the new research and innovation programme

In the context of the EU's forthcoming long-term budget for 2021-2027, the Commission proposes to allocate €100 billion to research and innovation.

A new framework programme - Horizon Europe - will build on the achievements and success of the previous research and innovation programme (Horizon 2020) and enable the EU to remain at the forefront of research and innovation worldwide. Horizon Europe is the most ambitious research and innovation programme ever. The interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 shows that the Programme is on track to help create jobs and growth, address major societal challenges and improve the lives of citizens. The results of the evaluation show that the programme has a clear European added value and produces demonstrable benefits compared to those obtained with support at national or regional level. By May 2018, the programme had already supported more than 18 000 projects and allocated more than EUR 31 billion.

The new proposal for Horizon Europe also builds on the Commission's contribution to the meeting of EU leaders on 16 May in Sofia, entitled "A new European agenda for research and innovation - Europe's chance to shape its future", which highlighted the measures needed to ensure Europe's global competitiveness. Around two thirds of Europe's economic growth in recent decades has been driven by innovation. Horizon Europe should generate new and increased knowledge and technologies, promote scientific excellence and have positive effects on growth, trade and investment, and significant social and environmental impacts. Each euro invested by the programme can generate up to €11 of GDP over 25 years. Union investment in research and innovation is estimated to generate up to 100 000 research and innovation jobs in the "investment phase" (2021-2027).


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