Comunidad lanza web de Conocimiento Abierto para fomentar el libre acceso a contenidos financiados con fondos públicos

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[Google transl.] Community launches Open Knowledge website to promote free access to publicly funded content

The regional government has launched an Open Knowledge website ('') for any citizen of the Region of Murcia to have access to technical, scientific and administrative information generated in the regional administration, either because they are publications of public employees or those works subsidized by the Autonomous Community.

It is a documentary repository organized into 12 thematic areas (Public Administration; European Union; Crafts, Trade and Consumer Affairs; Economy and Finance; Education, Culture and Sports; Economic Development; Environment; Public Works and Territory; Social Policies; Health; Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; and Technology and Information Society) which is launched with some 400 files of very varied content.

The Minister of Transparency, Participation and Spokeswoman, Noelia Arroyo, explained that "one of the strategic axes of the Open Government Plan of the Region of Murcia is to generate value through open data".

In this respect, it announced the Community's accession to the Berlin Declaration, which sets out the formal commitment of the signatory institutions to promote free access to scientific literature. "The Region of Murcia is the only autonomous community that has taken this step", he stresses. The launch of this website responds to the commitment included in the Open Government Plan with which, in addition, the Executive fulfils the agreement of the Governing Council of November 2016 to create an institutional repository of open access to the scientific, technical and institutional literature produced within the Community.

The Open Knowledge page also complies with the European Commission's recommendations (25 April this year) on access to scientific knowledge, which stipulate that all publicly funded scientific publications should be available in open access by 2020, whatever the means of publication. "The development of knowledge is half-hearted if it is not widely disseminated and available to society as a whole.

The Berlin Declaration is signed to promote open access through the Internet as an integral source of human knowledge and cultural heritage," notes Arroyo. The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in Science and Humanities was adopted on 22 October 2003. It is an initiative promoted by the Max Planck Institute and has already been signed by 618 entities around the world, including universities such as Harvard University, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the Pasteur Institute, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Smithsonian Institute, which is administered and funded by the United States Government. In Spain, it has been signed by most Spanish universities, including the three in the Region of Murcia, the National Cancer Research Centre and the Spanish National Research Council.

The Open Knowledge page is the first of its kind in all the autonomous communities of Spain.

Thanks to this tool, intellectual property is strengthened, since the work is registered and can serve as a guarantee to protect it from possible plagiarism and other improper uses. It also assures, improves and makes visible the contents and research, as well as guaranteeing that the contents are available in the future with security. Among the 400 archives that have been uploaded to date are contents of all kinds, from research on the history of the supply markets in the Region of Murcia to useful teaching materials for teachers and parents such as'An exciting adventure: a notebook of emotional education activities'. The site will be offered to the municipalities of the Region to make the scientific and documentary work produced by the 45 municipalities more accessible.


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