Una de piratas…”piratas en la ciencia” y como evitar revistas depredadoras

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[Google transl.] one of pirates... "pirates in science" and how to avoid predatory journals.

In our guild, today there is an article published in Jot Dow by Pablo Artal, Pirates in Science, which from the bush we complement with El drama de escribir papers para casi nadie, by Martín Ambrosio in Clarín. Two popular articles that draw an ecosystem in which the crisis of paper is perhaps a symptom of something deeper and more complex, which may have to do with the need for new paradigms. In the midst of this, scientists are both victims and perpetrators, and the old "publish or perish", as if in eternal return, seems more diabolical than divine.

The activity of scientists is under constant pressure and threat. The last decade has brought a reduction in the funds devoted to research and a suffocating increase in bureaucracy in Spain. But, together with this, a phenomenon that is a real cancer for science has appeared in a very intense way worldwide....(Pablo Artal)

Artal's article follows and a paragraph appears referring to predatory, pirate magazines, which change continuously, are transformed and multiplied to infinity and beyond, with articles published by bribery or cheating.




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