Il rapporto tra Innovazione e Conoscenza in Italia

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[Google transl.] The relationship between Innovation and Knowledge in Italy

During the NanoInnovation Conference, the seminar "The relationship between Innovation and Knowledge in Italy" will be held (14 September 2018 - Rome), which will deal with the theme of open science and open innovation.

Some of the main research institutions, universities and large national companies, SMEs and national professional associations will meet to discuss needs, languages, good practices and models to promote cooperative exchange between industrial and public research in a view of innovation in the medium to short term.

Indeed, the ability to identify and exploit network skills and knowledge, and to manage rapid and complex cooperative processes, are key factors for the success of research and innovation. New and more effective models are required to match the demand and supply of technology, which respond to the demands of multi-disciplinarity and multi-sector innovation, also through innovative digital platforms, from the point of view of open science and open innovation.

A cultural change is needed involving R&I management, as well as dedicated professionals, to address the increasingly rapid and complex processes associated with the development of enabling and emerging technologies.


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