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[Google transl.] MORE THAN 18,000 RESEARCHERS DAILY USE SOFTWARE DESIGNED IN CANTABRIA BY SEMICROL 90% of Spanish clinical research is managed with Fund@net Suite Fund@net Suite is the most widely used clinical research management software in Spanish centres. More than 18,000 researchers daily use this specialized software designed by Semicrol, which aims to improve the quality of research through innovation and thus increase the efficiency of management processes. The Cantabrian company's technological solution manages 90% of clinical research in Spain and is present in more than 100 organisations, spread over 15 autonomous communities. In fact, Fund@net Suite fully manages biomedical research in Andalusia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Cantabria, Navarre, the Basque Country, Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla León and Asturias. Among the centres that use this software are Vall d´Hebron, considered the most important oncology hospital in southern Europe, the National Centre for Cardiology Research (CNIC) and the San Juan de Dios Foundation in Barcelona, a pediatric centre of national and international reference. "Today we are collaborating on research projects whose results will save lives in the future," explains Alejandro Gómez. Semicrol's Sales Director believes that the company "is providing the technology necessary for researchers to have a real-time view of the management of their projects". The impact of Fund@net Suite on the correct development of research in Spain has reached such a high level that Galo Peralta, current director of the national network ITEMAS, considers that "if you use Fund@net Suite, you stop clinical research in our country". The 20 customizable modules of this IT suite provide specialized technological solutions for any process. Now the company has taken a step forward to offer a complementary service to its management tools. Semicrol has initialled an agreement with DuraSpace to become a certified partner in the world's most widely used open-access digital scientific repository software. The agreement allows for the inclusion of the DSPACE platform, which is the software for implementing the open institutional repository, in Fund@net Suite. From this moment on, Fund@net Suite users will be able to disseminate their publications and research results in open access. The partnership signed with Duraspace is no stranger to the company that already has a similar partnership with OpenClinica LLC, which enables it to optimize its e-CRF (electronic data collection service for clinical trials). This new alliance is a milestone for the Cantabrian company, which is positioned as a technological partner of a software used, mainly, by universities and research centers. In the same way, your clients will be able to benefit from the advantages of Open Access to information and knowledge through the Internet. The agreement allows Semicrol to increase its business possibilities in two different ways. On the one hand, the company will be able to implement this service to universities or research centers that lack it. On the other hand, it opens the possibility of advising Semicrol customers who already use it to optimize its use integrated with Fund@net and improve the performance offered by the tool. In this sense, as it is free software that can be downloaded and installed independently, many users are not enjoying all the possibilities that DSPACE includes. In addition, as an official service provider, Semicrol will participate in all the forums and meetings promoted by Duraspace. These types of events, attended by universities and service providers from all over the world, are a great opportunity to expand our customer base. The next one will be Concytec (National Council of Science and Technology of Peru), which will be held on 19 and 20 July in Peru.



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