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[Google transl.] Pedro Duque announces a new University Law

"Science and research are the fundamental pillars for Spain's growth in the framework of a competitive model and social cohesion", said Pedro Duque in his first appearance at the Congress to explain the main lines of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. And among them he has highlighted one announcement: that of a new Law on Universities of which he has given little more detail.

Duque has declared that he wants to "initiate dialogue to propose a new Law on Universities, modernisation and internationalisation, committed to public education and guaranteeing that no talent is wasted due to lack of resources". It is a question of opening the way for the whole university community to participate in this essential debate' so that before the end of the legislature, this Ministry has gone a long way enough to prepare the new law'.


Duque has also made the defense and implementation of the scientific method one of the priorities of his Ministry. "It allows us to understand the world and ourselves", he said, and citizens must be "able to think scientifically, to differentiate between evidence and manipulation", especially at a time like this "with so much uncertainty, with so much disinformation".

For all these reasons, he announced that the Government will launch a Scientific Education and Culture Programme which "will pay special attention to citizen science actions and the promotion of scientific vocations, especially among girls and adolescents". It also aims to support actions "to disseminate critical thinking and studies to understand the reasons why citizens rely on pseudosciences and to propose effective communication strategies to convey the evidence that dismantles them".

Finally, and with the aim of "ensuring that science financed with public funds is accessible", Duque has said that he will also work to implement a "National Open Science Strategy consistent with the European Open Science policy".


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