Máster en Data Science: para el nuevo profesional en la analítica de datos

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[Google transl.] Master in Data Science: for the new professional in data analysis.

The Master's Degree in Data Science from the University of Alcalá is offered in response to the growing need for professionals who are able to extract useful knowledge from sources of information that support business objectives. The Master's is aimed both at professionals who have the ambition to work as Data Scientists and at those who want to turn their professional career towards data analysis. 

Data Scientists are among the most demanded profiles of the moment. The social network for professionals LinkedIn, already on its list of the 25 most demanded professionals in 2016, included the Data Scientist at the head of the list, and the McKinsey consulting firm estimates that by 2018, the US may face a serious problem of a shortage of professionals with skills in the analysis and management of large volumes of data and making strategic business decisions. At the end of the Master in Data Science you can start your professional career as: Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence, Chief Data Officer, Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist, etc..

The master's degree is offered in two methodologies: a Flipped Classroom methodology that allows the study to be carried out in a Semi-presential way (classroom classes on Saturdays every 15 days) and another Global methodology with online training and an intensive classroom phase at the end of the programme.




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