"La revolución educativa no puede quedar en manos de empresas privadas que controlan la tecnología" | Asociación Educación Abierta

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[Google transl.] The education revolution cannot be left in the hands of private companies that control technology.

Everyone now agrees that technology can and should help students, teachers and parents to make better use of school time. New technological resources facilitate collaborative work between teachers, parents and students. The teacher can even customize the learning process depending on the criteria he considers important and the learning process of each student. Virtual spaces for learning must be participatory and collaborative and can become a lever for change in education. Today it is more necessary than ever to learn to learn and develop a critical spirit in the student. Collaboration requires shared solutions and sometimes a reversal of the traditional hierarchy. A student can become a teacher of another student; a parent can help other students and not just his or her child; the teacher can become a student, for example of a colleague, and learn new ways of teaching...

But new technologies should not only be a resource that allows us to optimize study time, but should also serve to change the way we learn and teach. Just as it is not possible to understand medicine today without technology, the future of education must necessarily be linked to new technologies.

Until today, the education system has been using the means and methods of the 19th century: the textbook and the masterclass continue to be used as the main resources. In the face of this, technology offers us the possibility of changing and improving the way we learn. Editing the same textbooks in digital form is not the solution. Education demands a deeper revolution than reproducing the digitised 19th century model. In a global context characterized by the rise of information technology and biotechnology, it is necessary to consider what we are going to do and where we are going in order to redefine the role of education in the twenty-first century.




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