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[google transl.] "EDIA Project. Experiences. We are the revolution project at IES Calderón de la Barca"

We present the development of the project Intercentros "Somos la revolución" (We are the revolution) in our centre, the IES "Calderón" de la Barca, in Pinto.

We remind you that in this experience, students and teachers from four educational centres have simultaneously applied the AER "We are the revolution" from the EDIA project for Geography and History in Secondary and High School.

We had the opportunity to present the result at our centre within the "Innobar 2018". We shared the video of our intervention and a supporting presentation. This is how we count our project. We hope that it can be used by other partners to incorporate themselves into this learning model based on #REA and new methodologies.


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