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[Google transl.] EDIA Project. English. THAT. REA "A cookbook"

In the REA "A Cookbook" the final challenge of this project is for students, organized in classroom teams, to create cookbooks with recipes in English from different countries around the world.

To make it easier for students to achieve their objectives and for their teacher to support them in the intermediate tasks (Missions) that lead to the final product. Each task involves learning vocabulary, grammar, oral and written expression resources and knowledge of gastronomy useful for the final project.

In the AER "A Cookbook", the teacher participates as a designer of the learning process, an external agent and a guide to learning. The student is the protagonist of the evaluation as an active agent, collaborating with his/her peers (team and classroom), with whom he/she has shared the steps taken throughout the learning process.

This resource is also a model for the design of open educational resources.


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