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[Google transl.] What is a data librarian? A content analysis of job advertisements for data librarians in the United States

Society has begun to move from the information age to the mass data age (Bug data). The growth in the volume of data we generate is greater than ever. Researchers' interest in data and research has led to librarians taking on new roles, such as data librarians.

In the past, data librarian was essentially a buzzword that has now become a real title and job in university and research libraries; however, the American Library Association (ALA) has not developed a core competency framework for this emerging profession, nor has the Information Science and Library Science (LIS) curriculum begun to address a specialization in this rapidly growing and expanding field.

This research seeks to understand what it takes to be a data librarian through years of job advertisements for hiring professionals in U.S. university libraries, and applying a content analysis approach. This will allow us to understand the breadth and meaning of what a data librarian is and how he or she is defined by hiring managers through the description and qualifications they establish and list in their job advertisements. By understanding what employers look for in data librarians, LIS curriculum developers can implement better training programs and pedagogy that will help meet employers' needs, as well as develop successful candidates for these new job titles in academic libraries.



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