IFLA publica un documento sobre licencias colectivas de compensación de derechos de autor por digitalización masiva de contenidos | Universo Abierto

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IFLA publishes document on collective licensing of copyright compensation for mass digitisation of content

Libraries have a mission to maximize access to their collections, for culture, education and research. In doing so, they face challenges around rights of redress, that is, how to make these books, articles, photos or other material available to the public without infringing on copyright. Massive digitisation projects have addressed this issue, but it has long been a challenge, for example for universities or schools.

An emerging solution, at least in cases where copyright exceptions and limitations do not apply, is extended collective licensing. For many libraries around the world, this is a reality. Are there limits to what it offers and what are the disadvantages and are other countries prepared for such a system?

In extended collective licensing systems, collective management organizations are entitled to represent rights-holders who are not their members. For libraries, this offers an alternative to the complexity of trying to find owners for each individual work in a large collection. Especially in the case of orphan works or works out of trade, this is particularly difficult. 




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