I benefici della crisi della riproducibilità - Milano-Bicocca 08/06/2018 | Associazione Italiana di Psicologia

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[goolge transl.] The benefits of the reproducibility crisis

"Dear Members,

We are now well aware that our scientific sector is suffering from a "crisis of reproducibility". Beyond the causes of this crisis, the world of research has been quick to set in motion by proposing a series of positive initiatives that are likely to result in a restructuring of the way we work, both in basic research and in clinical and applied research.

In many countries, the debate on new ways of doing research is already largely open and under way. Here in Italy, on the other hand, we believe that debate and interest still need to grow and be developed.

It is for this reason that we have organized a national day on the themes of reproducibility and Open Science, to raise awareness in the psychological community about the changes that will affect us in the immediate future and to play an active role in this moment of choice.




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