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[google transl.] Free science for everyone with Gold Open Access

It is called cOAlition S and is the joint initiative of the European Commission with 11 national and European bodies that fund scientific research. The aim is to make publicly funded research accessible and available to all through a form called Gold Open Access. We talk about it with Antonella Gasperini (Inaf Arcetri) and Monica Marra (Inaf Bologna).

Just today, Wednesday, 12 September 2018, the European Parliament is dealing with the changes to the law on copyright. These changes will dictate the methods of communication in the digital age and also affect access to scientific information. And it is precisely access to scientific information that is the subject of cOAlition S, the initiative born on September 4 between the European Commission and some institutions and research agencies, both national and European (there is also the Infn, the only Italian presence), whose intent is already evident from the capital letters contained within the English term cOAlition that gives the name to the initiative: 'OA' stands for Open Access, ie free access to scientific production obtained from public funds, or thanks to the results of research funded by agencies and national and European bodies. All this from January 1, 2020.



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