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[google transl.]  "OPEN SCIENCE FROM A TO Z"

Lecturer: Elena Giglia (CV) Head of the Open Access Project Unit of the University of Turin 

"Why deal with Open Science?

Why in Horizon2020 is there an obligation to make open both the texts and the data of the funded research and we must learn how to do it in practice?

Or also because the European Commission's decision towards Open Science is based on the principle that publicly funded research must be publicly available? And on the concept that science must be at the service of innovation and growth?

Or maybe because in November the EOSC, European Open Science Cloud, 4 billion 700 million investments, will be born, and Italy has so far been at the margins of the whole process?

Doing Open Science means radically changing - but gradually - the way we do research. We will see together the practical tools, policies, good practices to initiate the necessary cultural change in Italy.

Elena Giglia)


The course aims to make participants understand, beyond the technical aspects of "how to" Open Science, the logic and potential of open knowledge. 

Didactic objectives:

The course aims to provide:

  •  a m overview on Open Science and its potentialities
  •  Detailed information on the operational tools to do Open Science in practice
  •  a focus on Open Access: what it is and how to do it
  •  a focus on Open Data and Data Management Plan: good practices and online tools
  •  a focus on the obligations arising from Horizon2020



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