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[google transl.] The UJI [The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castelló] is also "Uni-digna."

The University of Castelló supports the manifesto against the hardening "to the absurd" imposed by the ANECA

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castelló joins the manifesto of the "Uni-Digna" platform to demand a system of evaluation and accreditation of university teaching staff that is "comprehensive, reasonable and fair". As a result of the cases of master's degrees and theses carried out by political leaders that have been questioned, either because of doubts about the way in which they were obtained, or because of alleged plagiarism, the universities have been able to be discredited.

In addition, there is the tireless struggle to work for an honest university system, far from the economic objectives and that values more fairly the scientific production of university faculty. To this end, university professors from all over Spain have formed a collective called "Uni-Digna" to "demand another possible university model", to which the public university of Castelló has joined.

As they explain in the manifesto, the association aims to be a benchmark in the defence of good practices "against the conversion of universities into master's degree vending companies at scandalous prices in order to make cash, and thus be able to face the cuts in public funding that they suffer; against the pressure for teachers to privatise, commercialise and make business of the findings of their research through spin-offs and patents, in order to increase the income of universities; In the face of the demand that it publish heavily in magazines and that makes its universities climb in the demand rankings of potential clients; in the face of the devaluation of teaching and university teaching, which is increasingly less valued in the face of research; in the face of the precariousness of a good part of the teaching staff who receive miserable salaries and are dismissed in the summer in order not to pay for their vacations". [...]

New evaluation system

For this reason, "Uni-Digna" has launched a manifesto in which they propose "the creation of a new system of teacher evaluation that takes into account teaching and that values research production with criteria of social utility at the service of the common good". "A system based on open science and knowledge models or Open Science, in which priority is given to the evaluation of open-access electronic publications, in line with the European mandate Horizon 2020".


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