Objetivo: impulsar la ciencia abierta

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[google transl.] Objective: to promote open science

Experts gathered in the framework of B-Debate agree that it is necessary to revise the system of evaluation of researchers, define actions to promote the reproducibility of experiments or include citizens in research to achieve this end.

International experts, convened by B-Debate, an initiative of Biocat and Obra Social "la Caixa", agreed that the revision of the system of evaluation of researchers is essential to promote open science, a movement that promotes a science that is more accessible to everyone, that is effective, reproducible and transparent.

Currently, many times the evaluation of a researcher's professional career continues to focus on the number of publications and the impact factor of the scientific journals where his or her articles appear. Various international movements have already stressed the importance of revising this system to improve the way in which the quality of research results and impact are assessed, such as the "San Francisco Declaration on the Evaluation of Research". Apart from quantity, research evaluation must also take quality into account.

The ideologist of the RRI concept, René Von Schomberg, who refers to responsible research and innovation, commented in Barcelona that the current evaluation system generates efficiency at an individual level, but inefficiency at a systemic level. This means that, for example, the level of publications in Europe is very high, but not translated into similar levels of innovation. For this reason, the European Commission (EC) plans to invest in multi-stakeholder coalitions that work cooperatively to find better solutions to persistent and complex problems.



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