The Inside-Out Library – How OA is Changing the Role of the Librarian | webinar 02/27/2024

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"Factors like the 2022 OSTP memorandum have led to the rapid need to understand and adopt open access (OA) in the United States. For the library, this has led to a fundamental change in approach, with the emergence of new roles such as OA librarians, but also the introduction of new responsibilities – including researcher support services, research data management, and promoting the benefits of open science. Librarians are now not only acquiring and disseminating information resources, but also helping researchers share their work with the world. Join speakers Mathew Willmott from California Digital Library and Keith Webster from Carnegie Mellon University as they share practical tips and insights from their experiences with OA at their institutions. Directors Caroline Nevison and Bob Boissy from Springer Nature offer a global perspective, highlighting key learnings from diverse regions...."


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