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"These are my speaking notes for the presentation given at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion panel of OpenCon 2017.

I will start our discussion by addressing issues of power and inequality in Open Science discourses, based on the research findings of the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet). OCSDNet is an international research network that for the past three years has been working to understand if open science and/or open approaches to knowledge production contribute to sustainable development and wellbeing.

Open Science according to Global South grassroots communities. OCSDNet started its research back in 2014, when the concept of ‘Open Science’ was starting to get traction in North America and Europe. (Not because the concept was better understood in the Global North, but because the system is set up in such a way that knowledge produced in the North has more influence vis-a-vis knowledge produced in the rest of the world).

In response to this, OCSDNet was very intentional about partnering up with 12 research teams based in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, or the “Global South”, that were investigating how Open Science was defined and practiced in their regions, as well as its impact on development...."



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