OER Mainstreaming Checklist – Quick Reference – Ishan Abeywardena, PhD

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"In my previous post on OER – From Practice to Culture, I introduced nine action points which need to be addressed to mainstream OER in an institution:

  • Make the effort to change your mindset
  • If you take, remember to give back
  • Know your licenses
  • Plan ahead
  • Practice first, policy will follow
  • Build capacity
  • Setup a repository
  • Conduct QA
  • Recognize and Reward

However, what that post fails to provide is a systematic and practical framework which can be used to tackle the mammoth task of changing the entire culture of an institution from closed to open.

This post, based on my recent journal paper An empirical framework for mainstreaming OER in an academic institution (used under CC BY), will provide an overall road map for institutions to transition from OER practice to culture...."



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