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"The "inside-out library" was a concept coined by Lorcan Dempsey as an interesting way to capture the change in the function of libraries today. Instead of merely bringing in content from the outside into the community (i.e the traditional role of buying of books and journals), academic libraries are now taking on roles of promoting the content created by their community to the outside world.

While I have mused on the challenges of institutional repositories (mostly around the reluctance of faculty to deposit), some institutional repostories (IR) do manage to get a fair amount of content in repositories. For those libraries, the question shifts towards how best to make their content as discoverable as possible.

What follows is my musings about 6 different sources you might want to optimize to ensure your IR content has the broadest reach possible, unfortunately my experience is that this isn't always very straight forward. 

I will discuss the following three groups of sources: Search engines and aggregators like Google Scholar, BASE , CORE; OA finding tools like Unpaywall, OAbutton, Kopernio, Lazy Scholar; Misc sources like Wikipedia, SHARE, OpenAIRE and more.

I will discuss why you might be interested in checking these sources or services and how you might possibly do this...."




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