EdTech Research – Where to Publish (Part 1) by Stefanie Panke, March 10, 2018 | Virtual School Meanderings

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"You have implemented and evaluated an educational technology project, engaged in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, conducted an empirical study, written a literature review, or undertook an ethnographic journey of discovery. Whatever your research endeavor, at some point you will be contemplating if, how and where to share your insights. Oftentimes, the best place to start is a conference presentation, blog post or online report. After refining the presentation based on peer feedback, many researchers will consider submitting their work to a journal for wider dissemination in scholarly circles.

This tripartite post series presents a selection of some of the leading EdTech journals, with examples for open access, electronic and print publications, provides an overview of openly accessible journal metrics and rankings, and, – last, but not least – recommends social networks and author identifiers garnered towards disseminating and sharing scholarly work. Open Access E-Journals & Hybrids  

Though many academics still tend to think of print publications as more prestigious, e-journals are catching up, both in reach and reputation. The open access movement has gained momentum, and changed the distribution models for traditional publishers as well (for example with open access initiatives such as SpringerOpen). Some e-journals will ask for a publication fees. While this can be a legitimate way of securing sustainable web infrastructure and professional editorial staff, there are problems with predatory journals, that are trying to scam inexperienced researchers.The following selection of open access publications offer clear peer review guidelines, high standards, and do not charge processing fees...."



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