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"Ramblings of a Canadian PhD student living in the UK

As many of you may know from my random musings, you’ll know that I am a supporter of the idea of Open Access publishing. I strongly believe that research should be open to everyone, and think it’s unfair that universities have to shell out millions to get access to material, especially when it’s government funded. However, you may also know that I did my PhD self-funded (or at least not funded by the UK government), which can make OA difficult.

Since most journals charge some kind of Article Processing Charge (APC) in order to cover OA costs, that money needs to come from somewhere. In the UK, if you’re funded by a research council, the universities are given money to pay for those costs. If you’re not, you need to pay those fees on your own if you want to achieve the Gold OA standard, where the journal formatted final version of your paper is available to everyone online. So far, all of my first author papers except one have been published Gold OA – I’ve either been able to secure fee waivers by begging the journal (look at you PLoS ONE), or they were published in journals that do not charge APC’s (like the University of Alberta hosted VAMP).

My very first paper, however, was published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (JVP), and was not OA. At the time, I remember asking around about how I could share it, and could not come up with a legal way of posting the paper anywhere for people to see, and I forgot about it. I knew that there was the so-called Green OA option, which allows authors to post the unformatted final version of a manuscript to a server, but I wasn’t sure exactly what the rules are and how to go about doing that. After a Twitter discussion about some of the problems of OA, specifically APCs, OA advocate and fellow palaeo Jon Tennant got in touch and explained how I could make this paper OA with the Green OA plan...."


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