OER051: OER als Selbstläufer – Sandra Schön und Paul Klimpel über die Eigendynamik freier Bildungsmaterialien

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Google English: "OER051: OER as a self-runner - Sandra Schön and Paul Klimpel on the dynamics of free educational materials

LISTENED 051 - OERinfo telephone podcast with Sandra Schön and Paul Klimpel

What exactly happens to Open Educational Resources (OER) once they are published? Sandra Schön (Bims eV) and Paul Klimpel (irights) talk about their experiences with loss of control.

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A general note: The podcasts are talks, not lectures. There is much thought and speculation together. Of course you can refer to content from the podcasts. But the statements of those involved can not be used in the sense of scientific quotations .

Sandra Schön ( Bims eV ) reports on the OER Canvas , which is now available in at least 20 languages . Sandra Schön worked on only two language versions, after which the community took over. Similarly dynamic are her experiences with drawings that she has set on Pixabay . Once you get used to it, says Sandra Schön, losing control is a great thing. Paul Klimpel ( irights ) agrees. Using the example of his brochure "Free Knowledge Thanks to Creative Commons Licenses. Consequences, risks and side effects of the condition "non-commercial" - NC " can be learned, which dynamics a publication under a free license can develop. Paul Klimpel, too, is happy about the unexpected and unpredictable way of his brochure. The interview is conducted by Jöran Muuß-Merholz for OERinfo.

The idea for the podcast was created in connection with the article " Loss of Control is not a Side Effect at OER, but Meaning of the Thing ", a contribution from the series jOERans Opinion on OERinfo."



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