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Academic Publishing - Geography by @ACHurrell

"You are a graduate student working on a NSERC-funded project that aims to monitor how landscape changes are affecting wildlife habitat in Banff National Park. 

You are the first author on a journal article documenting some of the project's results, and you're not sure which journal to target for publication.

Your goals are to:

Achieve a broad readership, including your collaborators from Parks Canada and environmental NGOs

Publish in a well-respected journal that will be an asset to your career

Comply with NSERC's Open Access Policy on Publications

You identify two journals that look like good targets. Remote Sensing of Environment is a prestige journal in your field, but you're not sure if it complies with OA requirements or if your non-academic colleagues would have access to it. Remote Sensing is a fully Open Access journal but you aren't sure if it is as well-respected in your field.

Which journal do you decide to investigate?

Remote Sensing of Environment 

Remote Sensing..."



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