Les Sciences Humaines et Sociales, moteurs de l’accès ouvert : la preuve par Cybergeo

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"In May 2016 Cybergeo, European Journal of Geography celebrated its 20 years anniversary at the headquarters of CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). It was the first purely electronic journal in social sciences. Cybergeo is at the forefront of the movement defending free access for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Its 20 years’ experience brings the proof of the viability of an open model for the diffusion of scientific information whose quality is controlled by the global scientific community. It also does confirm the strong increasing impact of open access to science when it is supported by a constant attention to innovation...."

Christine Kosmopoulos et Denise Pumain, « Les Sciences Humaines et Sociales, moteurs de l’accès ouvert : la preuve par Cybergeo », Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography [En ligne], Science et Toile, document 861, mis en ligne le 03 août 2018, consulté le 04 août 2018. URL : http://journals.openedition.org/cybergeo/29209




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