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"Our vision for our work in Linked Open Data: We work towards a future in which people share the power to collect and organize the data that shapes humanity's understanding of the world. Diverse communities around the world participate in Wikidata and in a network of specialized Wikibases, co-creating an open and free global knowledge graph in a thriving Linked Open Data web. This is the basis upon which people, companies and institutions of all sizes can generate new insights, build new apps and services, and change the world for the better....


[1] Strengthen Wikidata

...The Wikidata product portfolio includes, its supporting tools and Wikidata’s support for Wikimedia projects.

...Examples of tools that support Wikidata include QuickStatements, Listeria and Wikidata Lexeme Forms; examples of support for Wikimedia projects include Wikidata Bridge, ArticlePlaceholder and Lua modules which provide access to Wikidata’s data.

[2] Build out the Wikibase Ecosystem

...Our Wikibase product portfolio expands the knowledge available through Linked Open Data.

Wikibase Suite is a software bundle that helps users create self-installed and self-maintained Wikibase instances that have greater customization needs. It is primarily targeted at larger institutions with massive amounts of data, usually with their own technical staff and infrastructure that can run a production Wikibase instance.

Wikibase.Cloud is a software-as-a-service offering launching in 2022. Its primary target groups are research groups, private individuals and less well-funded organizations that want to share free and open data with the world but that lack the dedicated resources needed to maintain the software themselves. It is designed for ease of use rather than maximum customization...."


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