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Academic citations are hard. One of the joys of the Digital Object Identifier System (DOI) is that every academic paper gets a unique reference – like: 10.34053/artivate.8.2.2.

As well as always leading you to a URl of the paper, a DOI also provides lots of metadata. Things like author, publisher, ORCID, year of publication etc.

I’ve built a simple website that turns any DOI into a semantic HTML reference – get started at DOI2HT.ML.

Pop a DOI in the box and hit the button. You’ll receive an HTML5 citation which has embedded microdata data. It makes a human-readable citation and a robot-readable way for search engines to understand your citation.

It uses content negotiation to get the canonical citation, then it renders it into standards compliant HTML + microdata.

There’s no tracking, no cookies, no selling your data. Just a plain HTML site – the way the web should be.



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