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UPDATED REPORT: version 1.1 of our Scoping Report on Building an Open Dissemination System for OA Books is now available.

This scoping report is a key deliverable of COPIM's WP5, in order to support the creation of the ODS. The report itself will discuss the distribution of books via the traditional library supply chain and new forms of digital dissemination before looking at metadata in depth. Metadata creation and types will be investigated in order to form a number of key recommendations for WP5. These recommendations are noted throughout the report before being grouped and discussed further in the recommendation section.

Rather than publishing this report at the outset of the work package, it was decided to publish a time-stamped version, while simultaneously continuing to develop the report as the project progressed over time, and to encourage comment from the community. Version 1.0 of this report is available here.

Since the publication of version 1.0 of this report, the work package team have developed a wiki for the development of Thoth, the open metadata managent and dissemination system for OA books currently in development at COPIM. This wiki acts as the technical report, which accompanies this more overarching report. Therefore, version 1.1 of this report now includes links to the wiki for technical information. Development of the wiki has also led to the addition of new metadata formats, aggregators and platforms, which have been incorporated into the scoping report.



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